Since my last album Songs for Tuesday, I toured with Gnarls Barkley, sang on a Sofia Vergara/Pepsi commercial, and even acted in a movie “My One & Only” playing Kevin Bacon’s girlfriend. I wrote, recorded, and played gigs, but couldn’t seem to find anything new or personal I really wanted to say in my music. Then nine years ago, in 2009, my son Maceo was born. That’s when everything changed.

Because he lacked sufficient oxygen at birth, Maceo suffered a brain injury. This left him with many physical challenges and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. But the craziest thing is, that’s when life got interesting. And it’s when life got good.


Maceo, his dad and I work hard every day on overcoming challenges like Maceo learning to walk and talk. And as hard as it might be to believe, ever since this kid came along it feels like we just might be in the middle of a miracle.

We have a lot of laughs, a lot of fun and we listen to a LOT of music. My son is an opinionated and massive music head who’s current favorite is Father John Misty—which knocked Nirvana Unplugged out of heavy rotation.

So that’s what my new album is all about. Finding  joy in unexpected places with the people you love.



A Family Album


After six years in the making - this is my new album!  My partner Pete Glenister and I made this record mostly at his place in London and except for the overdubbed horns, he played every instrument on those songs. We did some recording at Charlton Pettus’ house in Los Angeles during some sessions there when Pete came over to write and the last two tracks were produced by Chris Bruce at Pete Min’s studio in LA. But other than that, you could say we made this album at home. The last few steps of recording, mastering and manufacturing the album were made possible because of supporters of a PledgeMusic campaign that ended in June, 2017.

There are a few physical copies left which you can purchase in the store.
A digital release of the album is scheduled for Fall 2018 through AWAL.